Who is Resilience Cayman? 

Resilience Cayman (RC) is an initiative started by Chamber member, Jan Gupta in March 2020 in response to the community needs she observed as the pandemic swept through Cayman.  She brought the proposal to the Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee who immediately saw the value of the initiative and decided to incubate and support the Resilience team as part of the COVID-19 community support plans managed by Chamber.  Resilience Cayman is governed by the Chamber's Executive Committee and volunteers are managing its operations.


Is RC a registered not for profit?

Not at this time.  RC is an initiative managed by the Chamber of Commerce.  However, separate NPO registration is planned in the future.


If I donate, who decides where the money is spent?

Since Resilience is run by volunteers, 100% of donations to Chamber that are marked for the Resilience initiative will be used to provide assistance for the four programs that Resilience has launched.


Can I donate food, or just money?

We are working closely with our partner agencies including the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.  We are asking food donations to be made to one of these agencies.  We are accepting Farm produce (fruits, vegetables, and eggs) which we are donating to the restaurants that are operating community meal services.  


Is RC connected to the recently announced Recovery Fund?

RC is totally separate and does not have any affiliation with the Recovery Fund at this time.

Is RC coordinated with the Government assistance programmes?

RC is well coordinated with the Ministry of Community Affairs to ensure that there is no duplication of assistance, so that we can help those residents on the islands who do not qualify for existing Government programs.


How is RC connected to the Chamber of Commerce?

Resilience is an initiative that is managed by the Chamber of Commerce at the present time.


What is the criteria for receiving assistance?

The Food support program eligibility criteria is (all 3 criteria have to be met):

Any legal resident of the Cayman Islands including Work Permit holders

Those not currently receiving food assistance from any other agency

People who have lost their employment income in the past 3 months (due to job loss, job suspension or self-employed business shutdown)


Is RC just for Caymanians?

It is for ALL residents of the Cayman Islands. 


Is the food support program a one-time payment or ongoing support? 

It is an initial one-month program for a $150 grocery voucher which can be renewed.  There is also a daily meal service that we are sponsoring at The Wharf.  We are also providing one-on-one financial counselling and budgeting services for those whose immediate needs are more substantial as we recognize that many people are struggling to pay rent and food support may not be sufficient to keep them safe and healthy.


Who decides who qualifies and for how much?

A review committee staffed by experienced finance professionals will be going through all applications.

Can you assist with other bill payments or expenses?

We are considering other areas of support including bill payments in future programs.


How many people can RC support?

We are 100% donor funded so the final number supported will depend on our donations.  We are equipped to provide daily meals to 450 individuals through The Wharf at this time.


How do I get involved in RC?

Complete the volunteer form and a member of our team will contact you within a few days of your submission.


Will RC organize its own logistics for food support, or fund existing programs – such as Meals on Wheels etc?

We are funding and supporting expansion of our partner agency programs for the delivery of meals.  Food vouchers are being provided for our grocery partner locations.  


Will support be provided to businesses or just individuals?

Our present focus is to address the challenges that individuals and families impacted by job loss are facing.


Who will be providing the financial literacy coaching? 

We are building a team with the knowledge and experience in financial literacy who have stepped up to volunteer their time.  This will be launched in the coming weeks.


My organization already provides similar support – how do we work together?

We are collaborative in our mission and intend to support other agencies by helping them expand their capabilities and deliver their programs more efficiently.  The need for community assistance at this time is unprecedented and requires all hands on deck.  This is the time for collaboration not competition – there are more people going hungry than ever before.  Please contact us at to discuss how we can work together.



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